Some people have one Porsche Turbo or maybe a 911 and a Cayenne.  But this customer of ours has THREE Porsche Turbos.  His arsenal includes the 996 Turbo, 997 Turbo, and 997.2 Turbo.  Having owned each one of these cars, its hard to pick a favorite.  The 996 Turbo S is a 2005 convertible with PCCB brakes and equipped with 450 horsepower from the factory.  The VR Tuned ECU flash boosts this past the 997 Turbo to give you 500 horsepower.  Not only is this car beastly fast, its a great weekend cruiser of one of the most significant design changes Porsche did for the first water cooled 911 Turbo.

Next in his line up is this Porsche 997.1 Turbo.  The black 6speed coupe comes stock with 480 horsepower in its 3.6L engine. This is probably one of the best 911 Turbos I have owned.  These cars are capable of huge amounts of power on the stock engine.  The VR Tuned flash with exhaust will take you to 615bhp no problem.  Again with PCCB brakes, this is a monster on the street and track.

Finally is this beautiful new 997.2 Turbo S.  Equipped with a ultra fast shifting PDK transmission, centerlock wheels, and PCCB brakes, the Turbo S drastically changed the way the 911 Turbo was looked at.  Destroying all other vehicles with 530bhp, it was the perfect car for street driving and could handle the top speed runs like a boss.  The 3.8L DFI car does have power limits with the PDK transmission.  Doing the VRTuned flash takes the vehicle to 615bhp.

Each of these cars can be flashed via the OBDII port with our VR Tuned iFlash System Here.  Easy to read and write in just minutes with a full custom tune.  If you are interested in getting a ECU Flash for your Porsche Turbo, Shop Here.


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