The Panamera Turbo is a 500HP monster that does ok with a couple bolt-on parts.  But like all other Porsche Turbos, it would benefit from a ECU tune.  Tuning the ECU is not a huge process, but does require it to be mailed in.  Pull your ECU with our basic instructions, Fedex it overnight on our dime, we flash it with a well configured tuned file, then we overnight it back to you.  Once flashed, the Panamera Turbo comes alive.  The turbos spool quicker, the mid-range hits harder spinning all 4 wheels, and the top end does not give up.  Whether you add a simple muffler or a catback exhaust, the ECU will adjust and the car will only benefit more.  The daily driving characteristics are not changed either.  Its there when I want it, its safe, and it does not ruin the beauty that is the Panamera Turbo as a daily driver.

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