With our already successful Panamera Turbo ECU flash, we just finished the tuning of a 2011 Panamera V8 4s.  The V8 is still a strong engine for the large Porsche sedan and doing a ECU flash can really take advantage of some missing performance.  Testing on our Mustang AWD dyno, the car put down 288hp and 296ft/lbs of torque.  The Mustang Dyno typically has a 20-25% drivetrain loss from the crank horsepower numbers.  Coming from the factory with 400bhp, this puts us pretty on point considering we also use 91octane.  The Panamera Siemens ECU cannot be flashed via the OBDII port so it must be removed and sent in to be flashed.

Like other normally aspirated cars, the ECU flash improves throttle response, mid range performance from 3600rpm to 5000rpm, and stronger top end to redline.  The peak HP gain at the top end RPM before the test stopped was 19 horsepower and had a torque increase of 7ft/lbs. However from about 4400 rpm to 6200 rpm the torque gain was about 12.5ft/lbs.  A big help to the curve was with the addition of the new Agency Power cold air intake kit.  The intake took out the huge dip that the Panamera experienced from 2500 to 3600 rpm.  The intake and the flash gave the Panamera a gain of 50ft/lbs of torque at 3200rpm!  We also gained about 40 horsepower in this area.  This all equates to a much stronger V8 off the line.

Check out the dyno video (panamerac4sdyno) as it revs through the RPM and let us know your thoughts!



appanamerav8intake-1 appanamerav8intake-dyno

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