Its time to transform the Polaris General 1000 into the SXS it is suppose to be with a VR Tuned ECU Flash.  VR Tuned has become one of the leading companies in the tuning game with their easy to use iFlash system.  The iFlash allows users to flash their vehicle between tuned and stock with a PC laptop.  You could save 1000’s of tunes if you needed as the iFlash lets you select and flash.  However VR Tuned has spent the time to develop this file to give you the best tune, the first time.  No “stage” flashing gimmicks that evolve your wallet into empty promises.
“It has a set of balls now and ran great!” – Aaron
As tested here at our Gilbert, Arizona facility, we ran this 2017 on the dyno.  Running numerous baseline and tune runs to make sure we had consistent results, we yielded a baseline of 68 rear wheel horsepower on 91 octane with an ambient temperature of about 65F.  These CVT transmission combined with the Mustang Dyno are a heart breaker with about a 25-35% drivetrain loss.  But what we look for is the gains!  The entire power curve makes more horsepower along with its high rev limiter and lifted speed limiter also known as “VMAX”.  Around the 43 mph mark, the General 1000 is gaining 6 horsepower.  To car enthusiasts, this is not much.  But on the dirt and trails, the changes to the ECU calibration makes this Polaris General 1000 come alive! Interested in getting your Polaris General Tuned?  Order Yours Here.

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