The Porsche Cayenne S is probably one of my favorite SUVs having owned a 2004 and 2005.  The handling of these is like a 911 and with its big brakes, and cush interior, its a great sophisticated machine.  Now on its 3rd and 4th owners, the performance minded still want to enhance the 340 horsepower engine.  Like any machine, a better intake system and exhaust will help the 4.5L V8 breathe and pull more through the revs.  But if you want to really dial in the performance, our VR Tuned ECU Flash is what gets it done.  The flash gives the V8 much more torque and throttle response down low.  Those that are towing and ripping around town 0-60mph will definitely notice the difference.  For the highway drivers and family trip takers, passing is now enhanced as it is much stronger in the mid range to redline.  Since the flash is done via OBDII with our iFlash system, tuning can be done to any vehicle worldwide!

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