The Porsche 981 Boxster GTS is a super good time with 326bhp and 273ft/lbs of torque of the factory.  But to enhance the performance of the GTS, VR Tuned offers a performance ECU calibration that is all done remotely with the DimSport handheld device.  This device allows you to store your stock and tuned file for flashing at anytime.  No internet, no removing the ECU, no dealers, totally safe, and totally worth it!  Tuning the 3.4L GTS will boost you up to 350 horsepower making this car that much more fun to drive.  Improved horsepower, torque, throttle response are all part of the difference.  Expect the car to rev out faster and pull harder to redline with the PDK transmission.  Performance tuning can be done for any octane or performance parts around the world.  Check out our customer Jon’s 981 Boxster GTS we did.  Filled it up with 94 octane and took a rip saying, “It feels overall more aggressive; more responsive throttle and more torque“.  Want to get your Porsche 981 Boxster or Cayman Tuned?  View all applications here.

jonathan-981-gts-ecu-flash-1 jonathan-981-gts-ecu-flash-2 jonathan-981-gts-ecu-flash-3

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