The Porsche 981 Cayman GT4 is a animal that only gets better with performance parts and a ECU Tune.  VR Tuned is able to flash the new SDI9 Cayman GT4 3.8L via the OBDII port to allow customers worldwide to take advantage of our tuning.  The 981 GT4 receives a custom tune that provides the car with faster throttle response, more low end torque, and harder pull through the revs.  This is not a “off the shelf” map from a handheld but a unique calibration for your vehicle.  Utilizing the DimSport handheld unit, we take a matching software ID to custom tune your car to the modifications you have.  With gains of 20 horsepower, the overall driving performance you feel on the road and the track cannot be replicated from a basic dyno run.  If you are looking to truly enhance your Porsche 981 Cayman GT4, then a ECU flash is definitely recommended.

Our customer had his reflashed as pictured below.  When writing the large file, it is always recommended to use a battery charger or tender.  After flashed, he immediately took it out and show some acceleration videos.  His reviews on the Cayman forums and Facebook groups give a perfect first hand representation of the performance increase.  If you are interested in ordering this ECU flash, view the Porsche 981 Tuning Here.

Customer Review:

As with all of you, I’ve been fortunate enough to have the opportunity to own a GT4. As you are all very well familiar, everyone is ranting and raving about how amazing the GT4 is. I, myself don’t mind the long gearing, but I do notice that it is not until about 5,000 RPMS that the GT4 starts to pull.

When I first took my GT4 autocrossing and would come out of a slow corner into the straight, the RPMs had to build up before my GT4 was able to really push.
If you’re like me, you’re always looking for more. I’m very careful with my selection of modifications for my GT4 and I have always aim to mod my cars as tastefully as possible.

I had the pleasure of dealing with Dan Mermelstein from Vivid Racing. He told me about the +20 hp /+15 tq gains of the VR Tuned ECU flash and was very helpful and prompt with the whole process.

My GT4:

No performance mods other than the racing stripes.

About 1,150 miles before the flash.

Before the ECU flash:

I drove over to a racing shop where’s Dan’s friend was able to do the flash for me. I brought my friend along so he can also use his objective seat of the pants (acceleration) judgement. It was a nice 1 hour morning drive so along the way I was able to do some pulls from various RPMs.

When I arrived, the flash was nice and easy. I was so busy gawking at all the race cars and slowly creeping around. There was even a Caterham Lola SP300-R, but for discretion I will have to keep the pic to myself. Looking at the timestamp of my pics, it appears that it took less than 30mins.

After the ECU Flash:

Off we go to terrorize the streets of this dainty town. Well actually on my way to the highway I keep my speed low- as if my bright red car, racing stripes, and aerodynamic picnic table on the back doesn’t bring enough attention. I give a quick little pull with about 80% throttle and wow! To my surprise I notice the difference immediately and so did my friend!

I hit the highway and do a few pulls and I’m actually amazed. There’s only one good way I can describe it. I used to have a 2005 modded Acura RSX-S as my first car and there’s a noticeable increase in acceleration when you crossover to VTEC. I get the same experience but even in the lower-mid range. When I am in the low RPMs (let’s say about 2,500 RPMs) and mash the throttle at about 2,800 RPMs you get an audible and perceptible VTEC-like crossover. It sounds as if the valves open up and you get a smooth and immediate surge of power. On a downshift, the acceleration is immediate! As per my passenger, the torque actually pushes you into the back of your LWB seats (or Sofas for the less fortunate…I’m kidding). The torque that was lacking in stock form was now apparent even in the low-mid RPMs. This makes driving around town much more fun than it was before!  My lady also notices the difference in acceleration as well. As per her request, I now have to warn her if I’m going to suddenly downshift and accelerate.

Now some of you are probably wondering if the power drops off in the higher RPM range. I’ve driven about 300 miles since the flash and from my experience this little GT4 just keeps pulling and pulling all the way to redline.

Dyno? Sorry, I do not have before & after dyno figures and I honestly don’t care to have one as I love the way this flash added to my already euphoric experience with this car.

Overall the customer support and communication with Vivid Racing (Dan) was excellent and the VR Tuned ECU flash far exceeded my expectations. I’m more than happy with the results! I can definitely recommend this flash. Thanks Vivid Racing!

TL;DR Cliffnotes:

-Flash took about 30mins

-VTEC just kicked in yo!

-Definite feel of more power/torque

-More low-mid range pull

-LWBs vs. Sofas

-My friend and lady notice the difference

-Pulls all the way to redline

-Red is the fastest color







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