The Porsche 986 Boxster S is such a fun car and an important step for Porsche at it’s time.  What has become one of the largest selling platforms for the German powerhouse, the Boxster 986 is the start of their mid-engine, affordable performance machines.  The 986 was offered in a 2.7L and a 3.2L up until 2005 when the 987 variant came out.  Shortly after, the Cayman debuted featured the same platform but with a fixed hard top.  The 986 Boxster S features 258 horsepower engine that coupled with a 6 speed manual gearbox can be a blast on the track.  So much so, there is even a Spec Boxster Race Series.  So what VR Tuned does for these Bosch ME7.8 ECU’s helps to transform the power further.  Providing improved throttle mapping keeps the 3.2L revving much quicker.  Torque is improved giving you a slightly better 0-60 time.  However big gains are made in the mid to top end region to keep the Boxster pulling hard to redline.  On the manual trans cars, the redline can even be increased if desired.  Coupled with a sport exhaust, intake, and plenum, the Boxster S becomes the perfect fun toy!  Best part about the flash, it is all done through the OBDII port as seen here.

Order your VR Tuned Boxster ECU Flash Here.

bruce-986-ecu-flash-1 bruce-986-ecu-flash-2 bruce-986-ecu-flash-3

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