One of our customers in Puerto Rico just finished equipping his Porsche 991 Carrera with a VR Tuned Auto Flash and Agency Power exhaust system. The VR Tuned Auto Flash is a OBDII port flasher that uploads bits of code via the central convenience system to give the car faster shifts and stronger pull through the RPMs. In addition to the performance change, the overall driveability is improved smoothing out the low end RPM dip that is common on the stock 991 Carrera. Testing both the performance parts and the Auto Flash separately, our customer raced a stock 991 Carrera from 0 mph pulling him by 4 car lengths to 100 mph. Our customer told us, “Car now shift aggresive, I test the car with another Carrera S with just X-Pipe and I pull the car with at least 4 car of advantage(street race 🙂” Check out the video and pictures below. If you are in Puerto Rico, check out the guys at Prestige Tire!

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WATCH HERE – VR Tuned Porsche 991 Carrera Prestige Tire

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