The hidden gem of the tuning world is with VRTuned for the Porsche 991 Carrera and Carrera S.  The new Siemens ECU’s actually cannot be read out so what we do with our Auto Flash product is alter factory settings that are already in the ECU to improve the cars response, torque, and improve the PDK shifting capabilities.  Because this is not alter any binary code, there is no way for a dealership to detect the product.  In fact, its just using factory settings/maps on the ECU.  Its kinda like a CD as an analogy.  You are running on track 1.  You want to jam out so you change to track 2 with the Auto Flash that gives you more performance.  As tested on many other cars, the Auto Flash by VR Tuned wakes up the curve in the revs.  Shifting is more precise and driveability is improved.  As seen on other cars, the Auto Flash will give a race exhaust flame shooting power 🙂  In the end the Auto Flash is a very safe, reliable, and fool proof upgrade to transform your Porsche 991 Carrera.  Order your Porsche 991 Carrera ECU Auto Flash Here.

Check out our customer Rick and his Porsche 991 Carrera S Cab.  He did a basic install process for us and a short revving video.  He has been such a good marketing sport that we will be doing a custom Auto Flash to test for even more performance.  Check out the video  and view pictures below!

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