One of our customers just put down some real nice horsepower at Bergeron Performance with his Porsche 996 C 3.4L.  The 295 horsepower engine found in the 2000-2001 Carrera is pretty stout and with some additional performance products, it can really open up.  This car got a K&N Cold Air Intake (57-7000) along with our VR Tuned customer OBDII ECU tune.  We tested this intake when it came out back in 2004 where K&N proved nearly 20 wheel horsepower.  10+ years later and 1000’s sold, this is still one of the bolt-ons for the Carrera.  The VR Tuned Flash helps account for changes in the air flow provided by the intake.  Improving throttle response, increaseing torque, and providing stronger pull all the way to redline, doing a ECU flash is almost mandatory on the 996 Carrera.  Check out the impressive gains and get your VR Tuned Porsche 996 ECU Flash here.

clint-996-c2-2000-34L-tune-1 clint-996-c2-2000-34L-tune-2

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