VR Tuned is rockin and rollin with customers all over the world. Recently we showcased our customer in Sweden’s Porsche 996 Carrera that he had done a flash on here (http://vrit.co/996). Now he just had it dynoed and was very pleased with the results but also the driving enhancement. The 3.4L Carrera is a 2001 which is the last year of the 3.4L before Porsche went to the 3.6L engine. The ECU Flash really makes a difference in the cars overall driveability. The torque limiter is raised so the low end kicks much harder. The timing and fuel changes give the mid range a harder pull and it keeps pulling to redline. The customer had an opportunity to line up against some other cars and had this to say.

The car made 250,2 rwhp but as I said, we had massive cooling problems:/ …we compared to a raceprepped Cayman R who had been on the same dyno. It made almost the exact same number. (250,8 rwhp) And hey, I am still faster than a 997 Gen2 car so I am happy=)

You can order the VR Tuned ECU Flash for the Porsche 996 Carrera here.






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