One of our customers in Connecticut recently got his Porsche 996 Turbo Cab ECU Tuned from us with VR Tuned.  His stock K16 turbochargers were taken up a new level and combined with his catless race exhaust, he did some really testing.  While cruising with the top down on a beautiful East Coast day, he found a Nissan GT-R antagonizing him so they went at it.  Who knows the other cars mods or excuses, but our guy pulled him all the way to 150mph with our tune.  The ECU flash combined with a exhaust system is good for a solid 100hp over stock.  Adjusting the cars boost, fuel, and timing, the 996TT gets put into the realm of beating up stock 997 Turbos!  Check out the pictures of his car and flashing process and make sure to view all our 996TT ECU Flash Tuning HereIMG_7829 IMG_7830


IMG_7834 IMG_7835


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