Just had one of our customers report back after flashing their Porsche 996 Turbo with our VR Tuned ECU Flash via OBDII that the car had a “MAJOR difference in the car’s overall response”.  Thats because when we tune the Porsche 996 Turbo ECU, we make changes throughout the entire power curve gaining you nearly 80 wheel horsepower.  The Porsche 996TT has become one of the best tuner cars in recent years taking over what was the Toyota Supra’s spot.  With Porsche 996 Turbos making 1000+ horsepower, these nearly 15 year old machines are still out there making good power and look current.  All of our Porsche ECU Upgrades from 2000-2011 are done via the OBDII port with our iFlash reader.  Check out more on our Porsche 996TT ECU Tune here.

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