Porsche 996TT GT2860rs Upgrade 700HP Tune

The 996 Turbo has evolved in many ways from the original tuners modifying stock turbos to those bolting full on Garrett system. This map was developed for those running a Garrett GT2860rs turbocharger with Tial external wastegates. The map is designed to run using 60lb injectors and an electronic boost controller. Inconjunction with corresponding mods, this ECU tune will take your vehicle up to 700HP to the crank. Modifications should be consulted with a installer and the assistance of VRTuned to maximize the potential of your vehicle. The tuned file is designed to eliminate the factory boost controller and raise the factory boost cut from 1.3bar to 1.6bar. For those running catless race pipes, VRTuned raises the O2 limiters which trick the computer from throwing a CEL. This map is available for a 91 octane or 93 octane pump gas car as well.

VRTuned flashes all the 996 Turbo cars via the OBDII port with the provided flasher cable. With their Flasher Client software, they are reading a full 1mb of the file to completely tune the ECU. Other companies claim to be able to do this, but are only read 128kb and making global changes. VRTuned will also provided you with your original file. With this original file you can flash your car back to stock at any point. This map includes 2 revisions in the price. If revisions are necessary, you must provide the dyno sheet showing HP, TQ, Boost, and AFR as well as a Durametric datalog. The Durametric cable is required for the revisions to be considered.

996ttgt2860dynoAs tested on a 2001 996TT 6spd, this car made 564awhp and 608ft/lbs of torque on a Mustang AWD dyno. With a 25% drivetrain loss, that is a 705hp to the crank. The car was equipped with Tial 44mm external wastegates, GT2860rs turbos, high flow exhaust system, boost hoses, cold air intake, diverter valves, intercooler pipes, 60lb injectors, and running 1.4bar on 109octane race gas.
What are the benefits/functions of going with VRTuned compared to the competition?

  • VRTuned does not require the removal of your ECU from the car. There is no down time at all.
  • Your car can be flashed at your convenience from the comfort of your own garage.
  • VRTuned reflashing is done via a Client Cable that is connected to the OBDII port. The customer simply plugs the cable into the car and reads the file with a laptop per the instructions with the cable. Once the file is downloaded, it is emailed to the VRTuned secure server where the file is tuned and then emailed back to the client. The client simply uploads the file and they are done. Total process is about 1 hour.
  • Reflashing is done according to the vehicles octane level of pump gas and modifications are taken into account (Intake, Headers, Exhaust) to enhance power gains.
If you have any questions about the Porsche 996TT 700HP ECU File, please contact us using our Support Page.

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  1. Jeff Jensen

    My 2002 996 x-50 already had an ECU flash from a different company when I purchased it. The car was already seriously fast and fun. Subsequently Vivid Racing did all the engine modifications described above, Garrett GT2860RS turbos, Tial external wastegates, on and on. Vivid also used VRTuned ECU mapping to create the new engine tune that complimented the engine modifications . The resulting transformation in performance was so astounding and intense that I basically had to relearn how to drive the car fast. I remain amazed with the result of this tune and get a very broad grin every time I drive it. What also continues to completely surprise me is how easy the car is around town and in heavy traffic conditions. The flexibility, practicality and stability of the tune resulting from the VRTuned ECU flash is impressive. With these engine hardware modifications and the VRTuned tune I can go berserk on the track to enjoy the extremely high performance limits of the vehicle and in those circumstances the Turbo performs and sounds like the utterly wonderful beast it is. I can leave the track, get stuck in traffic and the Turbo behaves as if stock. My car has run insanely fast, strong and flawlessly since the hardware modifications and VRTuned flash. I strongly recommend this package to anyone with a 996 Turbo with a real addiction to acceleration and performance–you essentially get back a totally viable track and road machine that only the most stupidly expensive of hyper-exotics could begin to compare with on any level.

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