The Porsche 997.2 released in 2009 was the first year of the PDK transmission which allowed for launch control and incredibly fast shifts.  The 3.8L Carrera S came with 380 horsepower which was 25 more than the previous 997.1.  As a very fun car to mod, one of the biggest improvements to driving these is the ECU flash.  Tuning the SDI3 Siemens ECU greatly improves throttle response, torque, and top end pull all the way to redline.  With the addition of parts like an exhaust system and intake, these 911’s are very popular on and off the track.  Doing an ECU flash for the 997.2 Carrera is all done via the OBDII port with our iFlash system here.  You are able to read out the original file to save for flashing back to stock for warranty or testing purposes.  Once you receive the tuned file, you can easily program this as well.  Flashing takes only about 2 minutes per file with any Windows based laptop.  Once tuned, enjoy 20 more horsepower over stock and a largely improved driving experience! Check out all VR Tuned Porsche 997 ECU Tuning Here.   omar-porsche-997-ecu-flash-1 omar-porsche-997-ecu-flash-2 omar-porsche-997-ecu-flash-3 omar-porsche-997-ecu-flash-4

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