Our customer Eric has this beautiful 997.2 Turbo that we did a remote ECU Tune on recently.  The 500 horsepower 3.8L 997 comes in either a 6speed manual or 7speed PDK for the non S model.  The ECU flash makes the car come alive with adding over 100bhp to the DFI machine.  Eric’s car is already stunning with factory centerlock wheels and a Porsche OEM aerokit.  His 2010 997.2 Turbo was pretty easy to read and write the new Tuned file by following our Installation Instructions here.  Once we received the tune and took the car for a spin, he commented how awesome the car felt and how much more responsive it was in the lower revs.  Check out these pictures of Eric flashing his car and buy your VR Tuned Porsche 997 Turbo ECU Flash here.







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