The Porsche 997 Carrera has become a great daily and track car with it’s prices becoming very affordable.  Available in a 3.8L or 3.6L, the style of this 911 is still on point and the performance is very real.  The VR Tuned ECU flash is a great upgrade for the 997 along with other parts such as exhaust, intake, plenum.  This customer of ours had already equipped his car with a IPD Race Plenum that featured the larger GT3 throttle body as well as a intake system.  The Porsche Bosch ECU is very adaptable and with basic bolt-on mods, the car really comes alive.  But when the ECU is tweaked, its becomes a whole new animal.  With a ECU tune, the stock 325 horsepower of the 997 C2 3.6L goes to 345 horsepower at the crank.  Though these “paper” numbers seem minimal, its about the entire driving experience that a simple dyno run cannot show.  Every Porsche 997 Carrera that is VR Tuned gives a whole new driving experience for the owner.  Even with the modifications already installed, this customer told us, “Just installed the tune, runs awesome!  Nice throttle response and added kick.”  We continue to get rave reviews on our OBDII plug and play ECU flash for this 997 Carrera.  Interested in one for your car?  Shop all our Porsche 997 Carrera Tuning Here.



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