It’s not secret Porsche makes some of the best sports cars in the world. From the base model Cayman all the way up to the GT2RS and 918, their cars offer a driving experience no other car can. For the standard Carrera, Porsche kept power back to protect the sales of the higher 911 models. Thanks to the magic of ECU tuning, it’s easy to uncover the power Porsche hid from 997 Carrera owners.

An ECU flash works by simply adjusting your engine’s parameters such as fuel and ignition timing. Here at Vivid Racing, we are huge Porsche enthusiasts and our tuning division, VR Tuned, has worked hard on creating reliable and powerful tunes for many Porsche vehicles. For the 997 Carrera, you can expect power gains of around +15hp and +15lb-ft. Depending on other modifications done to the vehicle, you can see even larger gains!

One of the big benefits of our VR Tuned system is the ability to flash your Porsche in the comfort of your driveway. There is no need to remove your ECU and the flashing process is super easy! This particular customer is in Australia and flashed their ECU at home, no need for an expensive shop to flash your ECU!

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