Just had a customer from Hong Kong flash his Porsche 997 Carrera 3.8L.  The OBDII ECU flash was pretty easy considering he is a world away from us.  The customer sent us a great review and some really cool pictures of his car.

“The car is AMAZING after the tune files were uploaded. I have not dyno-ed it, but the car, especially in sports mode pulls so quick through the rev range almost like it’s uncontrollable! I’ve always thought the stock 997s was pretty amazing as is, but now, with this mod, the car definitely much much quicker, there is no flat spot at all anywhere in the power range and it just keeps pulling away like the needle wanting to fly out of the dial! Not to mention the feeling of the enormous thrust from the back, it’s like I have installed a monster down the back aiding the engine pushing the car forward.

Once again, thanks for the prompt replies and the great mod you have there. I am addicted and need to go drive my car now!”

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