Had this customer overseas get a VR Tuned ECU flash for his 2006 Porsche 997 Carrera C4S.  The 3.8L engine loves these tunes as they really come alive.  In addition to the ECU Tune, the customer also installed a silicone air intake hose and a plenum/throttle body kit.  With the entire process done via OBDII, we can remote tune the car for the customer having him read out the original and load the tuned file without removing his ECU.  The customer told us, “It feels much smooth in low rev. No sluggish in the low rev. The peddle feels lighter and respond quicker. Of course the fuel consumption get worse. Because I was enoying with it.”  Here are the pics!  Get your Porsche ECU Tune Here.

997-38-len-1 997-38-len-2 997-38-len-3 997-38-len-4

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