The guys over at Deyoung European just finished doing a VRTuned OBDII ECU Flash on their customers Porsche 997 Carrera S 3.8L.  The 2006 car packs a nice 380hp and is one of the most popular cars to ECU Flash.  Once tuned, the car really wakes up giving you better throttle response, more torque, and much stronger pull all the way to redline.  If you have a 6 speed manual, we can actually raise your redline up to 500rpm over stock.  Tuning the car for 91 or 93 octane, other enhancements include adjustments for catless or high flow cat exhausts, headers, intakes, plenums, raising the top speed, and more.  Check out the pics and shop for your VR Tuned Porsche ECU Flash Here.

bill-997-carrera-1 bill-997-carrera-2 bill-997-carrera-3

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