The 2010+ 997 Gen II GT3 is one incredible street/track car. ย VRTuned steps in with their fine tuning to focuses on improving the cars power curve. With some additional programming to adjust the cars timing and air fuel mixtures. ย Throttle response is much quicker with the low end torque coming to life faster. ย The throttle blipping is more easily done and the entire car is more enjoyable to drive. As tested on a Mustang AWD Dyno using 91 octane, VRTuned is able to gain anincrease of 25 wheel horsepower and 16ft/lbs of torque. Baseline numbers were 360hp 252ft/lbs and tuned was 385hp 268ft/lbs.


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Dan Mermelstein - Co-Owner, Blogger, Porsche Enthusiast, VRTuned Marketing and Technical Support. Available to make your car faster!

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