The Porsche 997 Turbo ECU flash is the best modification you can do to the 3.6L twin turbo engine.  Coming from the factory in Stuttgart Germany with 480bhp, the flash with 93 octane gives you a massive gain to 615bhp.  We have dyno tested and proved this flash on hundreds of cars with awesome success.  Adding a aftermarket exhaust such as the Agency Power system will help keep boost flowing with no restriction.  Standard mode will jump to 16psi while sport mode will be at 18-19psi in higher gears.  Tuning works great for the Tiptronic or 6speed manual cars.  The VTG turbos are very unique in how they produce power.  The sport button gives that slight increase of boost and power .  With better throttle response, all 997TT drivers want to use Sport Mode.  However if you continually run Sport Mode in back to back pulls, the car will get slower.  The VTG turbos have EGT sensors in them measuring this change from the increase in boost.  Once the EGT reach a certain temperature, the ECU starts to pull back timing.  Technically, running the car in Standard Mode is quicker!

We recently did the upgrade on this customers 2007 997 Turbo Tiptronic.  Check out the videos below.  Order your Porsche 997TT ECU Flash Here.

jeff-997tt-cab-ecu-flash-1 jeff-997tt-cab-ecu-flash-2 jeff-997tt-cab-ecu-flash-3 jeff-997tt-cab-ecu-flash-4

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