A Happy Porsche 997 Turbo customer is always a good thing and this guy from North Carolina is no different.  The Black Porsche 997 Turbo sits on a set of HRE Wheels in his garage with a custom Z32 Nissan 300ZX with over 820hp and a 97 BMW M3 with a GT42R turbo.  So to keep up with those other monsters, he did a VR Tuned ECU Upgrade on his Porsche 997 Turbo.  Once he received our VR Tuned Flash Cable Kit, he jumped online and followed the read out instructions here.  With a little coaching over the phone, he emailed us his file and we got him his tuned file back within hours.  After his first test drive, he told us, “I drove it some on Saturday morning and I must say it felt really good!!  I am really looking forward to adding the Fab Speed cat by pass in hopes that I will get a MUCH richer spooling sound with the turbos especially at idle.”

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