Vivid Racing has been on the 6speedonline forums since 2005 with great reviews.  It is always our goal to take care of fellow Porsche enthusiasts with a white glove.  One member recently did a VR Tuned ECU Flash to his 997.1 Turbo and was extremely satisfied with his purchase and how the ECU flash performed.  Read the original thread here.  Here was his Review –

I just purchased my .2 Turbo a few weeks ago and started to hunt for the right tune. I’ve had experience with a few Porsche tuning companies in the past but was intrigued by the VR Tune. Some of the reasons where because:

  • I’ve purchased mulitple items from Dan in the past and his service is second to none
  • The awesomeness of the Slate Grey 997.1 turbo that they built
  • When dealing with Vivid you don’t feel like your getting taken advantage of on pricing they always seem to have the best deals

For me the steps to install where:

  • Download the VR software to my laptop (Dan actually logged in my machine and did it for me).
  • Turn the car to the on position (Plugged in a the trickle charger)
  • Plug in the USB and ODB to connect the computer to the car
  • Download the current ECU file from the car
  • Emailed the file to VR
  • Waited maybe 15 minutes
  • Received the tuned file from Dan and loaded to the car

Once it was loaded (since I have a DFI car) I (Dan actually logged on my machine and did this step too) logged in and ran the integrated diagnostic tool and reset a few codes.  After that, test drive (on private road of course).

All in, I’m very impressed with overall feel of the car. Much more responsive in every mode. When you floor it in sport plus, it feels like Tyson punched you in the chest.  Sidebar: To the guy in the grey 458 today , Sorry about your bad luck.

Watch a 0-60 Video Here

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