VR Tuned ECU Flashing is used worldwide because of the convenience to read and write your performance tuning via the OBDII port as seen here.  One of the most popular ECU flashes is for the Porsche 997.1 Turbo.  This customer in Norway wanted to take full control of his Porsche’s potential so he added a VR Tuned ECU tune.  The 997 Turbo comes stock with 480 horsepower to the crank.  When flashed, it jumps to a very powerful 615 horsepower!  How come this is not like this from the factory?  Porsche has to meet certain regulations for fuel economy, performance, and also have a car built for the everyday driver.  Doing a performance ECU tune does not harm the 3.6L engine at all.  In fact these engines are plenty strong to 800 horsepower!  Tuning the 997TT has changes done to the vehicles maps that retain the sport mode while giving a blast of extra boost.  Reaching your cars full potential is usually done with a high flow exhaust, air filter, and 93 octane gas.  The more the air can flow free without restriction, the happier the Turbo is.  See our power proven dyno sheet and customer review video on the Porsche 997 Turbo Flash Product Here.

IMG_2883 patrik-997tt-2

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