One of our Porsche 997.2 Turbo S customers got the VR Tuned OBDII port ECU flash on his car back in January.  Recently at his residence in Las Vegas, he took his monster out for a spin equipped with at Performance V Box.  Along with a catless Fabspeed exhaust system, he ran his Turbo S 2.9 seconds in 0-60 and 1.3 seconds from 50-70mph.  Comparing to his 600+ horsepower Nissan GT-R that does 50-70mph in 1.5 seconds, we quote him in saying, “Your tune is working nicely“.  Not bad for 95F outside at an dense altitude of 5250 feet above sea level.  Check out the Porsche 997 Turbo Tuning we offer here.

Here is an old dyno sheet to show just how strong these files are!

VR Tuned ECU Flash Tune Porsche 997 Turbo S DFI 11-13

And one of my favorite reviews from another 997.2 Turbo S customer –

“Great so far!  It has been at the dealer since Monday getting some other cosmetic mods done.  I have not had the chance to drive it much, but I’ll pick it up tomorrow, and get to drive it some more this weekend.  Last weekend, it was getting better each day.  I could definitely see how the computer adjusted the performance as I drove, so the tune had to bake in a bit.  It’s like it went through a transformation that was not instantaneous, but seemed to get better and better over about 50 miles.  The after that it was just a BEAST!!!

Anyway, I have tried to describe it to several people, and it is hard to comprehend unless you really know the feel of the car before and after.  After the tune and bake-in it is a TOTALLY different car, all for the better.  I have driven other tuned cars with a lot more power, but I have never driven a car that puts 600+ horsepower to the ground as effortlessly as my Turbo S.  I feel like the car could still put down quite a bit more power before the chassis and traction lost control of it.  I’ve driven some tuned Vipers and Corvettes that had tons more power, but were just terrible to drive and unable to use all that power.  The Turbo S feels like an amateur noob could drive it at full throttle without trouble, so in spite of its speed I feel like the car could still use more power before it fully feels alive.

I mention all of that to be context on the tune.  Before the tune, the car was very fast but felt relatively bland.  Post tune, the car feels much, much more alive which I appreciate more than just the pure horsepower and speed.  The throttle is much quicker, the turbos spool up to full pressure earlier in the rev range, and they hold their pressure for longer.  There is still some turbo lag to feel under certain conditions.  However, the engine now feels much more like a normally aspirated motor than it did before the tune.  Watching the boost gauge before the tune was strange because the boost was bouncing all over the place under full throttle, and made no logical sense.  Now, under full throttle the boost quickly ramps to just under 18 PSI, and then holds that for most of the time through shifts and across a very wide range of revs.

Anyway, I need to drive it more to really enjoy the car, and this should be a fun weekend after I pick it up.  I hope you can tell that I am very pleased with the experience so far.  If it was a simple addition of 85 crank HP, this would be a great purchase.  However, what it has done to boost the sport feel and add aggression to what is other a quiet and demure speed demon is by far the most exciting benefit.  So far, I give a big thumbs up, and I look forward to more mods to further unleash the BEAST!!!  Thanks again.”


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