This customer of ours just got seriously boosted with a VR Tuned ECU Flash on his Porsche 997 Turbo.  The 2008 car features a high flow exhaust system and shifts through the gears with a Tiptronic transmission.  The tune plus exhaust equates to about 615 bhp which is 130 over stock!  All of this process is done via the OBDII port with the instructions we have here.  The Tiptronic Transmission was before the PDK which definitely shifted well, but not as fast as the PDK.  The good thing about the Tiptronic is you are always in boost.  The transmission shares many parts with the Mercedes SL65 of its time.  So when people go to upgrade the transmission in their Tiptronics, many of the parts are sourced from Mercedes.  In its stock form, the Tiptronic trans can hold up to about 700 horsepower.  Anything over that it is recommended to build and do a torque converter.  We are pumped on this guys simple review of, “Been driving it to work. Amazingly fast with the tuning.

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