One of the most popular upgrades for the Porsche 997 Turbo is enhancing the stock VTG turbochargers.  Changing out the compressor wheel will give you up to 70 more horsepower when tuned properly with supporting mods.  Vivid Racing has been doing VTG turbo upgrades since 2008 along with ECU Tuning.  Typically a tuned 997 Turbo with just an exhaust on 93 octane will make near 615 bhp.  Add in modifications such as intercoolers, ypipe, throttlebody and plenum, you can expect to reach the 700 horsepower mark!  Our friends at RPM Lab  just finished this build on their 997 TT convertible.  Not only does it feature the VR Tuned ECU Upgrade, it also has a set of Agency Power intercoolers and boost recirculation valves. Check out the vehicle and flashing photos below!

Get your Porsche 997 Turbo ECU Flash Here


porsche-vtg-upgrade-ecu-flash-1 porsche-vtg-upgrade-ecu-flash-2 porsche-vtg-upgrade-ecu-flash-3

porsche-vtg-upgrade-ecu-flash-4 porsche-vtg-upgrade-ecu-flash-5

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