The Porsche Boxster GTS is an amazing vehicle with it’s 3.4L engine putting out 326bhp.  Top down and going through the revs, the car screams from the factory.  However if you want to get some more power out of it, an ECU flash is the best place to start.  The ECU flash for this Boxster GTS can only be done via the OBDII port.  To do the flash on this car, you have several options for ID’ing and writing the new file.  For this car we chose to do it with the CMD tool.  This allows us to easily identify the software version, get a matching original file, then do a tune for it.  The tune file wakes up the PDK low end throttle and torque.  As you go through the revs, the engine now pulls harder all the way to redline.  Tuning can be done for any octane available.  In Arizona, we use 91 octane, though for mail order customers, we can accomondate for 93oct, 95oct, 100oct and more.  Each file is specially done to that vehicle to gain the most performance while maintaining driveability and reliability.  Need more info on the Porsche 981 Boxster Cayman ECU Tunes?  Shop All ECU Flashes Here.

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