The new Porsche Cayenne S and GTS no longer have the long used 4.8L V8, but now a 3.6L twin turbo similar to the Macan Turbo.  Manufacturers are going to smaller displacement engines with turbochargers fitted to improve fuel economy while still maintaining horsepower.  The Porsche Cayenne GTS comes with 430 horsepower which is up 20 horsepower from the 2010-2014 4.8L V8.  The tuning box kit is a plug and play solution to boost up your horsepower.  The box is an adjustable unit that takes control over the cars boost, manifold, and camshaft sensors.  The kit uses factory connectors that provide an easy installation.  On the Porsche 3.6L turbo, the install time is about 20 minutes.  Below we have some photos of a recently installed kit to reference.  If you are interested in ordering the VR Tuned Tuning Box Kit, go here!

You can also reference the full install guide on the Porsche 3.6L Engine Here – Porsche 3.0/3.6 Tuning Box Instructions

Step 1 – Take off the engine cover


Step 2 – Locate the boost pressure sensor in front of the throttle body.

Step 3 – Locate the manifold pressure sensor on the intake manifold before the throttle body.

Step 4 – Locate the camshaft sensor on the USA drivers side bank.

Step 5 – You can remove the entire side cover to hide the box and run the loom to the power and ground.

Step 6 – Mount the negative/ground wire near on to the ground location as pictured.

Step 7 – Mount the positive/power connector on to the positive battery lead as pictured with bolt and washer.

Step 8 – Here it is closed

Step 9 – All complete, now put the engine cover on.

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