The Porsche Cayenne GTS is sportier big brother of the Cayenne S.  Coming with 20 more horsepower than the S (405bhp), the 4.8L DFI V8 is a load of fun to drive.  The Cayenne handles and brakes like a 911.  Having owned 2 of them, I know first hand how well this can do for a family vehicle or commuter.  But there is more to gain out of the Cayenne V8 engine.  Some complaints of the normally aspirated engine are the low end response.  Its slow and laggy to react to throttle input.  Although fast, when passing other cars and hammering the throttle, you want more pull to redline to get it done!  All this is accomplished with the VR Tuned ECU Flash.  The flash is done via the OBDII port to provide an improved driving experience of the Cayenne GTS.  Faster throttle response, improved torque, more mid range pull, and continuation of power to redline.  Our customer Sean did his flash and told us, “Got my tune installed today and drove it to the car wash, fastest trip yet! Great tune, no issues just fun!”.

Get your VR Tuned ECU Flash for the Porsche Cayenne Here.

sean-cayenne-gts-1 sean-cayenne-gts-2

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