This customers Porsche Cayenne S 2004 has never seen any mods or abuse of the gas pedal and our customer was ready to lay into some mods.  So after going back and forth about the advantages of the throttle response, midrange pull, and less lagginess between gears, he was sold.  He wrote a great review on the product below.  Also included some pictures of our tuning tests here.  Enjoy!

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The reason I did the ECU tune is when first starting out or adding gas after a turn the first 1/4 inch of travel seems to have no effect then because you keep pushing it hits hard. Very annoying when pulling out into traffic from a stop sign. My BMW X3 also did this, BMW told me it was a combination of Throttle by wire and the hill holding feature, and could not be fixed.

Well, it is now much smoother. Only hesitates on rare occasions. Feels much safer (without the lag) pulling out into traffic. And unless I floor it hard enough to bring on a downshift it has lost the hesitation coming out of a corner.

Not only is adding throttle smoother, partial throttle is much zippier. While accelerating less than half throttle up to the speed limit after a light, I noticed it felt zippier. About that time I heard a roar beside me. A Mustang GT was really piling on the power and shifting hard to keep up.

At full throttle before it kind of evened off at 3500 to 4000 rpm then shifted by 5000. Now it doesn’t feel like the acceleration slows down until it shifts at RED LINE.

The ECU upgrade definitely made the old Cayenne drive more like a Porsche and less like an SUV.


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