Not many companies are flashing via the OBDII port like VR Tuned, but one of the more rare Porsche vehicles to flash is the SDI4 ECU found in the Porsche 957 Cayenne.  This particular Cayenne Turbo 4.8L DFI got the chance to prove the power of a VR Tune on our Mustang All Wheel Drive Dyno here at Vivid Racing in Gilbert, Arizona.  With a low reading dyno and hot temperatures already against us, this SUV proved why it is a animal ready to explode with just a ECU flash.  The truck baselined at 375 awhp and 410 ft/lbs of torque.  The factory rates these at 490 bhp with 520 ft/lbs to the crank.  With the heat, 91 octane, and the low reading Mustang dyno, we typically say that our vehicles show a 20-25% drivetrain loss in all wheel drive.  At 20% we are spot on for the horsepower number off of the factory rating.

With the ECU flash completed using our very simple instructions seen here, we redynoed the vehicle with a cool down period to see some serious gains!  The truck made an impressive 70 ft/lbs of torque to the wheels.  This is what is really important for the Cayenne in terms of daily driving, off the line, 0-60 mph power.  This gain in torque is also huge in pulling cargo such as boats and for the lucky few, your Porsche race car!  But besides the large gain in torque, the Cayenne Turbo also made a peak gain of 35 awhp at 6000rpm.  Even more impressive was the gain where the power is mostly used between 3500 rpm and 5000 rpm.  In this part of the curve the Cayenne Turbo maintained about a 60 awhp gain.  With the addition of some cat bypass pipes and K&N filters, this truck would rip even faster!  Check out the driving footage and dyno we did, and if interested in purchasing, visit our Porsche Cayenne ECU Tuning page here.


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