One of our favorite cars to show the improvement of a ECU update is on the Porsche Cayman.  The Cayman’s mid-engine platform makes it a great handling machine that is loads of fun on the track or the street.  Available in the 3.4L or the 2.7L engine, the normally aspirated engine can be enhanced.  The OBDII flash done on this 2.7L Cayman improves the throttle response, adds more torque, and allows the car to pull harder all the way to redline.  Many 6speed manual transmission customers also have us raise the redline as it is plenty safe on these gearboxes.  This particular Cayman had a intake kit and sport exhaust installed which the ECU upgrade helped pull all together.

Check out more info on the VR Tuned Cayman ECU Flash Here.

987-27l-cayman-flash 987-27l-cayman-flash-2 987-27l-cayman-flash-3

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