Our recent customer Bill flashed his 2007 Porsche Cayman 2.7L with VRTuned via our OBDII flash software.  He was very happy with the performance and the quickness of the flash process.  He sent us over some snaps of his ride along with this nice review!

“I just flashed my ’07 Cayman 2.7 liter. The flash process went exceptionally quickly, about 4 minutes. Took the car out for a check-ride right after flashing. Overall, the car seems quicker off the line, about the same step as when I put the headers on. Maybe it’s my imagination, but, the exhaust note sounds different…a wee bit more growl. But, then, my imagination may be creating perfection. LOL. Anyway, thanx for the tuning. I definitely feel more snap in the butt-o-meter.”

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