This customer wanted to really boost up their Porsche Cayman with the 2.7L engine.  The 6 speed manual transmission base model is an amazing handling car but does lack a little power.  Ways to improve performance and gain a more sportier feeling is to do a ECU flash and exhaust system.  So we connected to hook this car up with a Fabspeed muffler, IPD Plenum Kit, and VR Tuned ECU Flash.  Where the car lagged down low in the RPM’s is now much more reactive and gets to the midrange faster.  The new plenum helps the car pull through the gears with its patented Y design, and finally the exhaust keeps the power going through the top end RPM’s while making the Cayman sound cool!  The VR Tuned ECU flash pulls this all together to make one incredible package.  Check out the pics and order your Porsche Cayman 2.7L ECU Flash Here.







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