The Porsche 987 Cayman S features a 3.4L engine that produces 291 horsepower.  The mid engine sports car has been an excellent platform for those wanting to track their car.  However it does lack a little on power.  The VR Tuned ECU Flash really brings out the performance and drivability through the entire RPM band.  Tuning the cars torque limiters, fuel, and timing help the car rev out faster, pull harder, and stay ahead of the competition.  For cars with the 6speed manual gearbox, we can also safely raise the rev limiter.  The flash for the 987 Cayman or Boxster S takes the car from 291 horsepower to 315 horsepower and improves torque from 251 ft/lbs to 268 ft/lbs.  Our customer Matt at Craftsman Auto Care in Virginia recently did the upgrade to his Cayman S as pictured below.  With the addition of an IPD Race Plenum kit and new exhaust system, Matt was pleasantly surprised at the power.

Interested in order?  See all the VR Tuned Porsche 987 ECU Flashes Here.

matt-987-cayman-s-ecu-flash-1  matt-987-cayman-s-ecu-flash-3


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