The Porsche Cayman S is a great platform which has lead the way for such amazing cars like the new Porsche GT4.  The S model from 2005-2008 features a 3.4L engine that produces 291 horsepower to the crank.  With its rigid body and mid-engine design, the Cayman S is a perfect street or track vehicle.  Also known as it’s chassis number, the 987, the Porsche can definitely use some tweaking.  This is where the VR Tuned ECU Flash comes into play.  The ECU flash is all done via the OBDII port for the 05-10 models.  Following our simple instructions here, we provide you with a tuned file that really opens the 987 up.  Changing parameters including the torque limiter, adjusting the O2 sensor limits for secondary cat removal, changing the rev limiter on 6speed cars, and of course, improving upon horsepower and torque.  This local Arizona customer brought his Cayman S into us for the tune which took about 10 mins in total for the read and write process.  Since we have verified these tunes so much, we did not bother putting it on the dyno.  Power increases go from stock of 291HP to 315hp with a torque gain of 251ft/lbs to 268ft/lbs.  If you are looking for a great upgrade to your Porsche Cayman that is effective, safe, and reliable, the VR Tuned ECU Flash is it!

Order the Porsche 987 Cayman Boxster ECU Tune Here

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