Porsche Cayman S ECU Flash

We recently had this customer do a VR Tuned flash on his Cayman S 3.4L and was impressed with the performance gains.  The 987 and 997 platforms do very well for those looking to squeak a couple extra ponies out of their NA engines.  The flash is pretty easy to do with the provided instructions here and a PC laptop.  After the tune was successfully loaded, this customer left us a review saying,

“Dan, this was the 4th tune I’ve done on different makes of cars. I prefer the units like superchips that you plug in the obd answer a few questions on the units screen and away you go…  I’m pleased with your ECU flash very noticeable in the mid range. I did get a check engine warning but was able to clear with my durametric cable. It didn’t clear with your diagnostic tool? But all appears good. NO CODES. Thx for getting back to me quickly on the email about my problem.”

Order your Porsche 987 Boxster or Cayman ECU Flash Here


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