The Porsche Macan Base model is the perfect platform for tuning enthusiasts who want more power.  The vehicle features the same 2.0L turbocharged engine that is found in the Volkwagen Golf.  The inline 4 cylinder turbo engine comes with 250 horsepower which is 30 more than the MK7 Golf or 50 less than the Golf R.  With Porsche design and technology, combined with a proven engine, the new VR Tuned Tuning Box Kits for the Porsche Macan Base can boost performance past 300 horsepower.  The Porsche Macan Base kit connects to the vehicles boost pressure, manifold pressure, and camshaft sensors.  The tuning box is premapped to give you plug and play power.  Able to work with different octane, once plugged in, the gains are immediately noticed.  Our customer recently install the kit on his Macan and said once the boost built up, the car was now a “rocket”!

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U/M Original Tuned Increase
+ 55
+ 70



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european-auto-macan-base-install-1 european-auto-macan-base-install-19


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