We just had one of our customers install the VR Tuned Porsche Macan Turbo Tuning Box and was absolutely pleased with the results.  The 3.6L turbocharged engine is a great recipient of our performance upgrade.  The sport SUV goes from 400bhp to 492bhp while using 93+ octane and on the most aggressive setting.  Most customers run the digital microprocessor box setting on 4 which is much more conservative giving a good bump in power.  The install is very straight forward as we have documented here.  Once plugged in and mounted, your Macan Turbo truly opens up!  Our customer ken said, “Just jumping from the S to the turbo I am not sure I noticed much difference till I hammered it!!!! Actually I can drive around in normal mode and it’s not too bad. It looks like putting along I get great mileage.”

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ken-macan-turbo-tuning-box-1 ken-macan-turbo-tuning-box-2 macan-36-jesse-install-1 macan-36-jesse-install-2 VRT-6072a

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