The Porsche Panamera S features a 4.8L normally aspirated engine that produces a very stout 400 horsepower.  But unlike the Turbo, the massive sedan can lack some take off and responsiveness.  Now you will not get to Turbo power, but with a performance ECU flash, you can greatly improve the driving characteristics of the Panamera S.  The VR Tuned ECU flash is done via the OBDII port using the DimSport Handheld unit.  The Panamera SDI6 ECU cannot be read but ID’d.  Once done with the handheld as seen on the instructions here, we provide a tuned file which you can then flash back to the car. With the handheld unit, you are able to switch between your stock and tuned file.  The tune will give you much better response in throttle and acceleration improving your 0-60mph times.  Where the car falls flat on the higher RPM, the tune keeps the car pulling to redline.  With additional modifications such as the Agency Power intakes or a catback exhaust, you can further the performance of your Porsche Panamera.  Our customer Jason shared these photos of his silver sedan and the flashing process.  Once finished he was very happy with the results and noticed the V8 4.8L respond much more quickly.  Ready for a ECU Flash?  See Porsche Panamera ECU Tuning Here.


IMG_1650  IMG_5590


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