The Porsche Panamera Turbo is a beast of a sedan with 500 horsepower coming from the 4.8L V8 twin turbo.  With the VR Tuned ecu flash, we give you straight beast mode taking you to 600 horsepower.  With the release of OBDII tuning using the DimSport Handheld MyGenius, more and more Panamera owners are tuning their vehicles.  Providing better horsepower, torque, throttle response, and overall driveability, the power of the Panamera becomes addicting.  The Panamera ECU update retains all factory safety controls related to the engine.  The car can still be used effectively in standard, sport, or sport plus modes.   Tuning can be done for all Porsche Panamera’s worldwide.  No matter your octane used, altitude, or performance modifications, we can increase and improve your power.

Our customer from Texas had his SDI6 ECU flashed and was pumped on the outcome.  Simply saying, “She’s a beast now bro!”  Since the OBDII DimSport MyGenius is an extra $250, some may still want to send their ECU in to be bench flashed.  We did that in this case.  The ECU removal is pretty easy as seen here.  Send us the ECU and we do the tune and then overnight it back!  Ready to go beast mode on your Panamera Turbo?  Get the ECU Flash Here.

20160520_190303~2 20160520_190332~2 panamera-sdi6-ecu-bench-flash

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