The Porsche 981 GT4 is a beast with its 3.8L engine stuffed in the Cayman body making 385 horsepower and doing 0-60 in just 4.2 seconds.  Having tuned many Porsche 981 vehicles all over the world, this project GT4 from our friends at Prestige Motorsports in Puerto Rico.  Prestige is one of the top Porsche specialists in Puerto Rico and have done several projects with VR Tuned.  Their latest ECU flash is to gain a huge advantage in the upcoming 1/2 mile race for the Porsche GT4.  The ECU flash is simple to do with the DimSport MyGenius handheld unit.  You ID the car, upload your file, we do the tune, and email it back.  See Instructions Here.  The ECU flash for the GT4 improves performance with changes to the cars fuel and timing maps, alters the torque limiters.  Adding parts such as an exhaust and headers will only improve the cars performance while the ECU adapts to the changes.

Interested in order?  Get the VR Tuned Porsche 981 ECU Flash Here.

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