Had another hot Scion FRS come into to get the ECU flashed here at Vivid Racing.  The OBDII flash is super quick and really makes the difference on these cars.  This particular 2013 FRS already had an Agency Power catback exhaust which helps on the mid to top end of the performance curve.  Coming with 202 horsepower to the FA20 2.0L motor, this car yearns for more torque.  In its stock form, the torque dip in the low RPM is disgusting and really makes day to day driving frustrating.  With the VR Tuned ECU Flash we raise the torque limits, change the fuel trims and timing, and give the car a couple hundred RPM more over redline.  If or when this FRS decides to go with a catless header and overpipe setup, the ECU flash is already setup to account for this so there are no check engine light issues!  Check out the quick pics below and order your Scion FRS ECU Flash Here.

brandon-frs-vrtuned-1 brandon-frs-vrtuned-2

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