We recently did another Scion FRS here at Vivid Racing with our OBDII flash system.  The ECU shared by the Toyota GT86 and Subaru BRZ is a great platform to open more power to the stock 200bhp the car has.  One of the biggest things guys complain about with the 2.0L Boxxer engine is the huge torque dip and laggy throttle response.  Some have even gone as far to say its like waiting for VTec to kick in!  The VR Tuned ECU Flash makes this RWD coupe come alive.  As soon as the car was done, the owner took it out to lunch and came back all smiles.  Already equipped with an Agency Power catback exhaust, he was able to really notice the difference in how the car would rev out and react to the throttle modulation.  These cars make about 10-15hp with the flash, but its the overall driveability that is improved.  Order your Scion FRS ECU Flash Here.




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