The Scion FRS, Subaru BRZ, and Toyota GT86 platforms with the FA20 engine in it by Subaru was what the tuner car world needed.  The rear wheel drive coupe has become a huge hit with performance upgrades.  While adding an intake, exhaust, headers can be beneficial, doing a ECU Tune will yield a much more driveable car day in and day out.  Where others focus on a top horsepower number, we focus on the overall driveability and improvements to the power curve.  What the FA20 engine lacks is some low end torque and throttle response.  In it’s stock form, the car is sluggish and really does not come alive till the higher RPMs.  With the VR Tuned ECU flash, we adjust both the timing and fuel mixtures as well as other parameters.  By adjusting the cars torque limiter, we have the powerband come on sooner and the throttle pedal feel more responsive.  With the timing and fuel changed, the midrange pulls harder and keeps pulling to redline.  On the 6speed manual transmission cars, we can even raise the rev limiter for you by 500rpm.  Other features we can do are increasing the VMax (top speed) and doing a decat file for race exhaust systems.  When you get a VR Tuned ECU upgrade for your FRS BRZ or GT86, you get a full remap throughout the entire power curve!

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Crank Horsepower Ratings:

  • Stock Power: 200 HP | 151 ft/lbs
  • Tuned Power: 215 HP | 166 ft/lbs

ECU Removal Instructions from FT86 Forums





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