Improving the BMW SMG II transmission shifting firmness as well as increasing the launch control RPM is all possible with the VR Tuned OBDII iFlash interface.  The BMW SMG transmission is used in the BMW M3 E46.  It has both automatic and manual shift modes. Inside the different modes there are different programs, with six settings to control the upshift/downshift speed for manual operation, and five settings for automatic mode.  VR Tuned helps optimize the shifting performance which can dramatically improve the way the BMW M3 drives.

VR Tuned uses the Frieling Racing system which can read and write the transmission module via the OBDII port.  Once you receive our VR Tuned cable, you follow the simple instructions to read out your factory file.  Once completed, that file is then emailed to us where we enhance your file with custom tuning or requests where applicable.  Once the tuning is complete, we then email you back the file which is loaded to your vehicle.


  • Increased shift firmness
  • Increase launch control RPM on US Spec cars


  • BMW M3 E46 SMG 2001-2005

Order your BMW SMG Transmission Flash Here

bmwgearbox-vrflash vrt-e46-m3-dyno BMW335i_DE-5 Dongle-2

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